Whole Child

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Hello Green Valley Elementary Teachers and Parents! 

Meet the GVE team that is here to support you and your student’s behavioral and engagement success. We are available to discuss strategies to support your student, how to access resources, navigate support channels, and provide safe spaces for students. 

Through the implementation of the Mosaic curriculum, our ultimate goal is to allow each student to feel safe, supported, and engaged.

The Mosaic Project’s evidence-based, social-emotional learning curriculum emphasizes
building empathy, resilience, and community. We design our curriculum to empower
participants to create a peaceful future. Our curriculum focuses on four themes:
● The celebration of diversity and awareness of stereotyping, prejudice, and
● Respect for and appreciation of self and others
● Teamwork and cooperation
● Assertive communication and conflict resolution (including listening skills,
expressing feelings productively, and empathy)

Meet the Whole Child Team

Corey Dobbs ; Behavior Coach


Jason Flores; School Social Worker


Jenacee Bradbury; School Psychologist


Two Major Areas to Look For:
  1. Engagement
    • Example – Are you not seeing your student in class? Have a hard time getting your student to participate?
  2. Social-Emotional 
    • Does your student look tired, disengaged, sad, or anxious? 


Mental Health Center of Denver

Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD)
4353 E Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO

Colorado Crisis and Support Line

Colorado Crisis and Support Line
Text ‘TALK’ to 38255

National Suicide Hotline

National Suicide Hotline
Text: 839863

Denver Health
The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project
LGBTQ+ Focus, Helps Everyone
Text ‘START’ to 678678