Teacher helping a student in class


Kinder-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade

K-5 ELD 

EL Achieve is a language acquisition program which targets students’ ability to construct meaning, paired with systematic ELD instruction.

K-5 Social Emotional Resources

K-5 Data Driven Instruction

GVE is committed to utilizing multiple data sources and individual student’s Body of Evidence (BOE) to make instructional decisions. Teachers meet weekly to examine data. Teachers identify student strengths and opportunities for reteaching, as well as collaborate with teammates and specialists to determine interventions, strategies, and acceleration.


All students at GVE are given assessments. Some assessments are state required, some are district required, some are school specific, and some assessments are given at different grade levels. Assessments provide data that can be used for several purposes – all of them intended to deliver instructionally useful information to teachers, students, principals, district administrators, and parents.

Academic Resources