Mission & Vision

Two students using a world map globe

About Us

Our vibrant school, Green Valley Elementary, is located in the heart of the Green Valley Ranch community, serves a population of 637 students. As the largest elementary school in Denver Public Schools, we take pride in meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of our wonderfully diverse student body, with 26 native languages and the cultures that come with them.

At Green Valley, we know that the path to post-secondary success starts with us. Our students engage in art, music, dance, and physical education. We also believe that technology integration is essential for 21st-century success, and as such, we maintain a 1:1 technology ratio for all students K-5.

Most importantly, we believe that teaching and learning come from the heart. We empower our students to take ownership of both their academic learning and their personal development by providing them opportunities to lead!

Our Vision Forward Statement

In unity, we empower our culturally diverse students to exemplify ownership and work together to achieve academic/social success.

Our Mission Forward Statement

At Green Valley Elementary, we meet the needs of all of our students by focusing on and incorporating Student Ownership in High-Quality Instruction & A Positive School Culture.

Our School Character Traits


 I choose to guide my classmates by setting a positive example for others at all times. I choose to help positively influence my peers to be part of a successful community. Anyone can be a leader!


I choose to cooperate with my peers and all adults by working together. When we work together we celebrate each others’ diversity and uniqueness.


I choose to have the strength of mind to persevere when facing fear or overcoming difficulty.


I choose to be kind and show compassion to others.


I choose to always try my best and never give up while working to achieve my goals.


I choose to respect my peers and teachers by treating them in a way that shows that I care about their feelings and well-being.


I will show responsibility by taking ownership for my actions and how they affect others

Our Logo

Our logo honors our history, celebrates our diversity, and acknowledges our vibrant path forward as a school, and community.

In May 2017, our visioning team consisting of Green Valley parents, community members, students, and staff engaged in a process to recount all of the aspects that have made our school a beacon of diversity, pride and success. This team also shared their hopes and dreams for our path forward as a unified and innovative school that meets the needs of our diverse student body.

Since the inception of our school, the grizzly bear has been our mascot. The grizzly bear represents our school’s boldness, resilience, and fierceness. It represents a determination to charge forward and tackle all obstacles in the way.

The colors hunter green and navy blue have always been the colors that represent our school.

Our logo represents and honors our rich history while also symbolizing our pursuit to be on a successful path forward. Our former colors of hunter green and navy blue, have been lighted to honor our past, but also symbolize our desire to embody a warm, child centered, and bright path forward. We also have incorporated the color fuchsia to radiate the diversity of our community.

The grizzly bear in our logo faces forward on a green path to radiate our path forward, while the blue mountains symbolize our desire to reach the highest school performance rating, which is distinguished.

With your support, we are Green Valley Elementary!