Collaborative School Committee -CSC-

Class of students showing artwork
CSC Meeting on October 10, 2022. at 3:30 p.m. in the School Library

Everyone in the community is invited to attend our first meeting of the Collaborative School Committee -CSC-. It will take place in GVE’s library at 3:30 p.m. Come and listen as the members work collaboratively to implement improvements to our school.

CSC Meeting Minute

                                                                                                         October, 10, 2022 at  3:30 p.m.

Welcome by Mrs. Buckland and a brief introduction of today’s agenda. 

  • CSC is going to help us to make decisions collaboratively on programs and resources for the students in GVE. Our focus will be intentional thinking in an inclusive environment for our students.
  • 7 norms of collaboration and of how we demonstrate them individually
    •  pausing, 
    • paraphrasing, 
    • posing questions, 
    • putting ideas on the table, 
    • providing data, 
    • paying attention to others, 
    • presuming positive intent 
  • Our School’s Three priorities are  
    • Positive School Culture, 
    • Student Ownership, 
    • High-Quality Instruction
  • Alway’s keep in mind our school’s Vision and mission, knowing that in GVE, over 26 languages are spoken, this only means that our school is very culturally diverse. Empowerment is the diversity of our school
  • MIS and School Priorities
    • Content language instruction
    • Positive school culture and climate
    • Student Social Emotional Learning. Access and opportunities are our number one job
  • Introductions of Present Members ( New and returning)
    • Sara Hernandez ( parent/ returning) 
    • Brian Kennedy ( PE Teacher/ returning)
    • Charles Pope ( Parent/returning)
    • Tacara Harris (parent/ new)
    • Tierra Chalk ( parent/ new)
    • Cecilia Nava ( Parent/ new)
    • Grace Collins( Teacher ECE dance/ returning)
    • Jessica Zirker ( parent/new)
    • Jessica Hernadez ( paraprofessional/ returning) 
    • Jennifer Buckland ( principal)
    • Chanelle Simmons ( parent/returning)

Principal’s Update

  • We are a title I school with a 79% Free Or Reduce Lunch student body
  • This allows us to have additional interventionists such as math fellows or literacy interventionists
  • FT School’s Psychologist and FT Social Worker
  • Continuing with our SEL support, guest teachers, and family engagement events
  • Rigorous Instruction since the pandemic. Flexibility in the students’ learning. Be honest about the conversations that we need to have regarding the new standards of education.( including assessments)  

Partnership with

  • Midian Holmes- Urban LeDESHIP Foundation 
  • Justin Simmons Foundation
  • Fam Engagement Opportunities ( Math/ literacy nights, Talent Show, Cultural night)

What do families need support from within our school/ community? 

Mental Health Support for our Families. 

What are the tools that families need to support the SEL of their children?

  • Our School received a donation from the Justin Simmons Foundation for a new playground. Members are asked to vote on any of the four options presented in the PowerPoint and bring their vote at the next meeting. 
  • The members are asked to think of the following for the next meeting:

What does it look like to utilize the community resources

Vote on your favorite playground

  • Agenda items for the next meeting
    • How to get our enrollment up
    • Spirit Wear per PTO ( PTO is looking for an affordable vendor who has the  options for online purchasing and who can ship directly to our school. 
    • Uniform swap program

We will meet again VIRTUALLY on November 14, 2022. At 3:30 p.m.

Thank you,

CSC Meeting on November 14, 2022. at 3:30 p.m. -VIRTUALLY-

November 14, 2022


Jessica Hernandez; Family Liaison

Ms. Buckland; School Principal

Mr. Kennedy; P.E Teacher

Mr. Mercado; Reading Intervention and ILT member

Teirria Chalk; Parent

James Pope; Parent

Jessica Zirker; Parent

Chanel Simmons; Parent

Sara Hernandez; Parent

  • Norms of Collaboration
  • GVE Priorities 
  • GVE Mission and Vision
  • Major Instructional Priorities

Academic Language in all Content Areas 

  • Role of CSC members 

Engage the entire community to GVE 

Students with IEPs ( Individual Education Plan)

Unified Improvement Plan

Compliance with rules and regulations

Bring everyone’s voice to the table 

Open meetings 

Program design and changes

Principal selection and evaluation

Safety procedures

  • Questions about CSC 
  • Need a chairperson for the school year–Ms. Collins has vacated her seat 
  • Principal update

Free and Reduce Lunch of 79%, qualifies the school to be a Title I school —-Additional lump sum of money from enrolment MLE Department– Math fellows 

Rigorous Instruction

Assessments—Istation-ACCESS-CMAS- DPS Interims 

  • Needs— Guest teaches- SEL- Family Engagement
  • Family Engagement 

Cultural Night 

Talent show

Academic Night

How do we maintain an open channel of communication for families to be informed?

Enrollment Numbers at GVE Look great 

Support needed for 2nd and 3rd graders to close Post Pandemic Academic gaps

  • Virtual or In-Person—Consecutive meetings will be in person for the CSC members with the option to broadcast virtually for the community.
  • Feedback for family nights

What times make the more sense?

Options are:

5-5:30 for dinner 

5:30-6:30 for Presenters

Lots of parents would like for fun nights to begin at 5 pm

100% Volunteer time from our staff 

More volunteers needed at these events 

  • Holiday events 

Food drive 

Chocolate and donuts 

Uniform drive

Sweater drive

  • Church donations 

Donations from resources around the community – Sara

Food baskets for Christmas break

  • Lost and Found 

Please encourage everyone to look through the lost and found 

  • Spirit Gear – Uniform

Not a fundraiser 

Make orders open all year long 

The T-shirts are about $9.00 to $10.00 dollars plus tax 

  • Coming up events

Literacy night with reptiles –  January 24th

Math and Science night –  February 28th

Multicultural night – March 21st

  • Playground Updates 

The first option has been chosen by all stakeholders 

Ms. Buckaland describes the playground 

Justin Simmons’ team will set up a time to come and visit before and after the installation

Everyone will be invited 

No merry-go-round at GVE

The next meeting will be held on December, 12th in person and virtually.

CSC Meeting on December 9, 2022. at 3:30 p.m. -VIRTUALLY-

There is no meeting for December. Instead, everyone is invited to attend the CSC Virtual Budget Training – Tue, Jan. 10, a 5 pm – 6:30 pm. This training will provide an overview of the process that the CSC is involved in related to budget so that everyone on your CSC is on the same page.

We will meet on January, 30th for our monthly meeting.

CSC Meeting on January 30, 2023. at 3:30 p.m. -HYBRID-

CSC Meeting Notes

  • Member introductions
  • Budget 
  • GVE Key Priorities 
  • Ms. Buckland explains the pros and cons of reducing staff members
  • Traecy Iftodi joins the CSC committee as the new chairperson
  • Walking and getting knowledge from the annual school budget cycle 
  • GVE is the highest enrolled elementary school in DPS 
  • How do schools get and spend money (video)
  • Money follows students 
  • Free and reduced lunch that is not tight for a student pays for a social worker.
  • Funding sources (per pupil and Lump sum)

Mill Levy


IEP Services 

Gifted and Talented students 

Title I school

  • GVE percentage spending pie chart

Preserved money in case numbers don’t come in for next year will prevent student turmoil because of staff reduction. 

  • Consideration for support

Intervention support

  •      Additional classroom support 

Additional support 

  • ESL Teacher (we will hear what the ISA team thinks)

Staff culture 

Student culture

  • Emotional student support 
  • ESL support needed in Ms. Gonzalez’s class 
  • The multicultural night is coming up which will support students and school culture 
  • Ms. Buckland explains the process to be a guest teacher 
  • We will meet again on Feb 13, 2023. 
CSC Meeting on February 27, 2023. at 3:30 p.m. -HYBRID-


Jen Buckland, Jessica Hernandez, Brian Kennedy, Jessica Zirker, Sara Hernandez, Kayla Estrada, James Pope (online), Raiko Johnson (online), (Manuel Mercado – Secretary –  at jury duty)


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Considerations for support
    • Additional Supports for Intervention groups
    • Additional ESL Teacher
    • Staff Culture
    • Student Culture 

New Business

  1. High-Quality Instruction
  2. Budget
  3. Technology updates
    • Some paraprofessionals have been using student Chromebooks
    • Additional funds will be used to purchase laptops
    • Hoping to keep Chromebooks over the summer
    • Parents will be allowed to check our Chromebooks by request this summer
  4. Staff Culture/Student Culture
    • Working on grant
  5. Hopes for Before/After school care
    • Working on grant
    • We have been chosen, now just need a funding source
    • Start time 2023-2024 will be 7:45 am (10 minutes earlier)
    • Dismissal at 2:45 pm instead of 2:55 pm
    • Will ask SLT what teacher’s working/reporting hours will be
  • Innovation
  • Needing Basketball coach


  • GT up to 50% 
    • GT Eligible
    • Talent Pool
    • Magnet Eligible
  • Added Early Literacy Reading Interventionist position (K-3)
    • Science of Reading – 5 components
    • A new CDE initiative arose from COVID-19
    • Phonemic Awareness (rhymes, tic toc the mouse ran up the clock)
    • Letter recognition
    • Sounds attached
  • Will not add an ESL position 
    • Adverse effects if there should be ribbing 
  • Summer Connections 2023
    • GVE will host (5 weeks?)
    • Rising 
    • 8:20 am – 3:30 pm
    • June 12 – July 15
  • Need volunteers for morning drop off/afternoon pick up

Action Items

  1. Attempting to get a 7-year grant for before/after school care 
  2. Guest teachers needed
  3. Upcoming Family Events
  4. Next, CSC UIP works in small groups
  5. Logistics of Uniform Swap
  6. Justin Simmons Visit Playground Update (will return 2 more times)
    • Change in playground structure due to non-availability
  • Not as tall
  • 3 slides instead of 2
  • No date given yet for the installation

Next Meeting Agenda

Upcoming events:

  1. Volunteers needed for Book Fair
  2. Parent/Teacher Conferences (3/14 and 3/16)
  3. Picture Day (3/17)
  4. PTO Hot Chocolate and Donuts Sale after school (3/17 St. Patrick’s Day)
  5. Family Fun Night (2/28 and 3/7)
  6. Spirit Week (3/20 – 3/24)
  7. Spring Break (3/27 – 4/3)
  8. Family Culture Night
  9. UIP ( Unified Improvement Plan)Small Working Groups
  10. Innovation Updates
CSC Meeting on March 20, 2023. at 3:30 p.m. -HYBRID-

Everyone in the community is invited to attend our meeting of the Collaborative School Committee -CSC-. at 3:30 p.m. In our Hybrid form. Connect virtually or come to our school and listen as the members work collaboratively to implement improvements to our school. The link will be sent to you via email.

20  March  2023 / 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM / GVE LIBRARY 


Jen Buckland, Jessica Hernandez, Brian Kennedy, Jessica Zirker, Sara Hernandez James Pope (online), Raiko Johnson (online), Manuel Mercado, Tracy Iftodi, Chanel Simmons, Daniel Guerra, and Renee Conway


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Considerations for support
    • Additional Supports for Intervention groups
    • Additional ESL Teacher
    • Staff Culture
    • Student Culture 

Gifted and Talented (Kristine Butler)

  • The presentation includes the characteristics that some gifted students present
  • Myth:  they don’t need help, they are unhappy, and all children are gifted (they think in a different way)
  • GT Designation

Initial Referral 

Talent pool (data)

Identified GT with the body of evidence (an advanced plan will be provided)

Eligible to attend a Magnet school in Denver 

GT (95th Percentile) K, 2nd, and 6th Grade students 

Each student needs a body of evidence (academic test nationally normed such as CMAS exceeds expectations)

Adding new things every year

Oversarvation scale (a survey that teachers and parents can fill out)

Anecdotal evidence 

At least three of the above items to make a decision

Talent pathways (creativity, arts, dance, acting, with a portfolio) 

The link with information about the GT program is found on the DPS web main page

For any more pieces of information contact Ms. Butler at

Questions: was GT being used n prior to COVID-19? Yes, and other students who were not tested during the pandemic have been tested. 

What happens to students who arrive in 4th grade? They are nominated and tested at that time.  If data is already collected, we would use that data. 

10% percent of students should be identified as GT students regardless of the student demographics. 

Green Valley UIP ( Unified Improvement Plan)

  • Parent student handbook
  • Agreements to work together
  • Attendance Policy (students need to be present)

Increased anxiety from pandemic 

Perfect attendance individually every three months and incentives are given for perfect attendance per class. 


 Guidance around the reasons why students are absent (Sickness, parent appointments, transportation, adult appointments) how sick is too sick? 

Add this measure( indicators) to the parent’s handbook

Share some best practices 

Universal precautions  to prevent sickness 

Air purifier to prevent sickness 

Approved gear for cold days to prevent absent students

Humanistic empathetic approach 

Dojo for perfect attendance to incentivize parents and families 

Communication via Robocalls

Written Communications from Office

Next Meeting Agenda

Upcoming events:

  1. Spring Break (3/27 – 4/3)
  2. Family Culture Night
  3. UIP Small Working Groups
  4. Innovation Updates
  5. Will continue with attendance and uniforms 
CSC Meeting on April 24, 2023. at 3:30 p.m. -HYBRID-

Everyone in the community is invited to attend our meeting of the Collaborative School Committee -CSC-. at 3:30 p.m. In our Hybrid form. Connect virtually or come to our school and listen as the members work collaboratively to implement improvements to our school. The link will be sent to you via email.

25APRIL 2023 / 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM / GVE LIBRARY 


Jen Buckland, Jessica Hernandez, Brian Kennedy, Jessica Zirker, Sara Hernandez, Manuel Mercado, Raiko Johnson (online), Chanel Simmons (online)


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Considerations for support
    • Attendance Ideas
    • Parent Handbook

New Business

  1. Innovation Renewal 
  2. Attendance 
  3. Uniforms


  • Innovation Renewal  
    • Original Innovation Plan and Background 
    • Biggest Reason – Actuals vs. Averages 
    • One member representative from each grade level 
  • New Innovation Plan Presented to CSC Committee for Vote
    • Community Letter explaining who we are and where we would like to be
    • GVE is a unique community having over 27 languages spoken and unique needs
    • Differentiate professional development to better meet our unique needs. 
    •  Flexibilities such as calendar dates to meet our students’ needs 
    • Changes will not happen without committee input and approval 
    • Autonomy to change anything that might come from the district as of right now there is nothing different in terms of curricula than what the district has. 
    • Professional learning-  the plan will allow us to opt-out if we feel there are priorities within our school.  
  • Questions –  Would specials teachers still get credit if they stay in the building during TEAL days?  Yes, they will through Schoology.  
  • Question – Has GVE ever recruited on-campus colleges in the area? No. 
  • Question- Can you reach out to student-teach? Yes. 
  • Budgeting on actuals – give us six teachers 
  • Parts were taken out – at will, adding additional hours and/or days without extra pay. 
  • Attendance
    • GVE’s bell will be from 7:45 to 2:55 pm
    • 7:55 bell after this time parents will come in and check in with their students.  
    • Members approve the proposal and will be added to the parent handbook
  • Uniform

Ms. Buckland poses the question of allowing students to wear leggings and sweatpants as long as they have a uniform shirt on for next year. 

Most members agree that it would be easier to support families with unique needs than changing the uniform policy that the community originally voted for. 

Next Meeting Agenda

Upcoming events:

  1. The last CSC committee meeting will be on May 8th. 
CSC Meeting on May 8, 2023. at 3:30 p.m. -HYBRID-

Everyone in the community is invited to attend our meeting of the Collaborative School Committee -CSC-. at 3:30 p.m. In our Hybrid form. Connect virtually or come to our school and listen as the members work collaboratively to implement improvements to our school. The link will be sent to you via email.


Jen Buckland, Jessica Hernandez, Jessica Zirker, Sarah Hernandez, Kayla Estrada, Brian Kennedy, Traecy Iftodi, Laura Garcia (online), Mara Ortiz (online), Sofia Salehi (online), Reiko Johr (online)


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Waiting for CMAS & ACCESS data

New Business

  1. Closing of the year 
  2. Parent/Community Engagement 2023-2024
    • Part of the Strategic Improvement Plan
    • Back to School Night (Friday before 1st day of school)
      • Kick-off Back to School Night with new playground launch
      • Proposal:  Orientation per grade level
        • Parent/Student Compact
        • Uniforms
        • School supplies
      • Proposal:  Google Slides shared template in English and Spanish
        • Modify/adapt in grade-level teams
        • Each teacher presents in 2 sessions
        • Include a slide requesting parent volunteers
      • Proposal:  Enroll families in ClassDojo
      • Proposal:  Teachers are prepared with a system for setting up Home Visits
      • Proposal:  Uniform Swap on Back to School
        • Give a ticket to families for each uniform donated in May 2023
        • Redeem ticket for a gently used uniform in August 2023
        • Robocall May 2023 to request gently used uniform donations
  • Stock nurse’s office
  • Perhaps assist families in need by request
  • Proposal:  Coffee Chat in the evening as well as morning
  • Proposal:  Send a survey for ideas from the community
  • Proposal:  Allow ECE-Kindergarten families to walk students to the cafeteria or classroom
  • Proposal:  Regular/consistent updates in ClassDojo
    • Academic progress
    • Assignments/homework
    • Afterschool activities – including cancellations
    • ClassDojo points
    • Additional Staff PD for consistency across the school
  1. Plan for data analysis 2023-2024
  2. 1st CSC Meeting will be toward the beginning of the school year
  3. Vacancies in CSC for 2023-24
  4. Potentially losing business associate
  5. This week is Staff Appreciation Week 
    • Thank you for honoring staff this week
  6. Last Coffee Chat
    • This Thursday, 8:30 am
  7. Spring Games
    • Begin 8:20 am sharp for the day that corresponds to grade level
    • Last week of school
    • Water Balloons launch and catch is NEW
    • The fire truck will not be returning this year (limited on what can do as of the pandemic)
  8. King Soopers funds
    • On phone
  9. American Furniture Warehouse funds
    • Mention GVE when you check out


  • None

Action Items

  1. Fall planning
  2. Registration
  3. Back to School. 

Next Meeting Agenda

Nominations to fill CSC vacancies

Representative of cultures of GVE